Tailgate Tite Stabilizers Are The Best, and the Safest Way To Securely Transport Anything.


  • No more Bungee Cords or Ropes
  • No Straps or Tie Downs
  • No Milk Crates or Boxes
  • No Drilling or Bolting
  • Fits 20, 30 and 40 pound tanks.
  • Helps Prevent any Sliding or Tipping
  • Helps Protect Your Vehicle From Damage

Tailgate Tite’s Other Uses

Stabilizer Installation

  1. Place tail of unit into gap of tailgate.
  2. Close tailgate.
  3. Reach over tailgate and grasp unit pulling upward. (If unit is tight then you are ready to place your item into unit, close tailgate and you are secure.) If not then follow steps below.
  4. If unit pulls out of gap with tailgate closed: then remove paper covering on plastic shim provided in packaging exposing adhesive, place shim on inside of tail near the bend of plastic. Press firmly to ensure proper adhering.
  5. Repeat steps 1,2,3.
  6. If needed repeat step 4.

Use with proper working tailgate.

Showing Tailgate Resistance
A little resistance when closing the tailgate is a good thing.

We have tested nearly 300 tailgates. Different makes, models, years and bed liners. We found that our first design did NOT fit all tailgates. We have modified our design and have not found one, yet it did not fit. The round stabilizer is made from 3/16” ABS plastic that the “Tail” has been milled down 1/8”, the square stabilizer is made using ¼” ABS plastic with the “Tail” being milled down to 1/8”. This keeps the integrity and sturdiness of the sides of stabilizer. We have also shortened the “Tail” slightly. Each product comes with a shim pack containing 2 double sided taped shims, to be applied IF Tailgate Tites stabilizer is too loose when tailgate is closed.

Enjoy Your Tailgate Tite Stabilizer

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