Tailgate Tite Stabilizers Are The Best, and the Safest Way To Securely Transport Anything.

Tailgate Tite Square Stabilizers

Tailgate Tite at the current time has two categories for the Tailgate Tite Stabilizers. They are Tailgate Tite Square Shaped Stabilizers, and Tailgate Tite Round Shaped Stabilizers. We are currently in the design process for other shaped products.

Tailgate Tite’s Stabilizer’s are a very safe, easy and secure way to transport Propane Tanks, Gas Cans, Water Coolers, 5 Gallon Buckets, Culligun Water Bottles and other items in the back of your pickup. Tailgate Tite’s stabilizer is made of high quality ABS UV Resistance, and Cold and Hot Weather Resistant Plastic. Tailgate Tite’s Stabilizers are all custom made one of a kind. Made in OREGON.

Just place the Tailgate Tite stabilizer over tank or other object, and insert flange into gap between tailgate and bed of pickup. Closing tailgate pinches the tail and locks it securely into place.

There are so many uses for the Tailgate Tite Stabilizer such as transporting pretty much anything that will fit in the shape of the stabilizer you are using in your pickup.

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