Tailgate Tite Stabilizers Are The Best, and the Safest Way To Securely Transport Anything.

Tailgate Tite About Us

Welcome to Tailgate Tite.

Propane tanks can tip and roll around damaging the bed of your pick up or other items or possibly explode. Not anymore with Tailgate Tite, propane tanks fit securely on the back of the bed, its quick and easy anyone can use it. Ready to grill Tailgate Tite stabilizes your tank no matter where you put it. Tailgate Tite is great for Holding Groceries, Watermelon, Firewood, 5-Gallon Buckets, Gas Cans, Water Coolers, and Your Dog(Just Kidding!). Tailgate Tite keeps you and your family safe so you can enjoy the cookout.

Tailgate Tite’s Stabilizer’s are a very safe, easy and secure way to transport Propane Tanks, Gas Cans, Water Coolers, 5 Gallon Buckets, Culligun Water Bottles, Reusable Grocery Totes, Coolers and other items in the back of your pickup. Tailgate Tite’s stabilizer is made of high quality ABS and UV Resistance Plastic. Tailgate Tite’s Stabilizers are all custom made one of a kind. Made in Oregon.

Just place the Tailgate Tite stabilizer over tank or other object and insert “Tail” into gap between tailgate and bed of pickup. Closing tailgate pinches the tail and locks it securely into place. No more bungee cords, tie downs or milk crates.

There are so many uses for the Tailgate Tite Stabilizer such as transporting pretty much anything that will fit in whatever shape of stabilizer you choose.


Always keep your tanks Uprite with Tailgate Tite.


Tailgate Tite is a 100% family owned and operated business specializing in family safety and security for the outdoors. The company was established in 2016 by Mike and Connie Healy. Mike having 35 years of experience being on the road as a truck driver and in this time, Mike has come up with multiple ideas to safely simplify tasks in his everyday life. Tailgate Tite is the newest safety product. Manufactured in the beautiful Pacific North West where camping, fishing, hunting, and being outdoors with family is a way of life. Tailgate Tite can be used in work and play.


Our goal is to be the only choice for our customers by offering the highest level of service and manufacturing an excellent product. We strive to build strong relationships with our customers by providing a safe and secure way to haul primarily propane tanks, but can be used for water coolers, safe transport of gas cans, groceries, coolers, 5 gallon buckets and more. We will go above and beyond to keep our customers satisfied by understanding and forecasting future wants and needs. We rate honesty and integrity as our top priority and are therefore able to guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Our future objective is to be the top Manufacturer of safety for the transporting items in the bed of pickups from the Willamette Valley to the east coast and anywhere in between. We will sustain growth through continuously maintaining our products safe and dependable design.

Tailgate Tite‘s Stabilizers are a very safe, easy and secure way to transport Propane Tanks, and much more.
Tailgate Tite‘s stabilizer is made of high quality ABS Impact Modified, UV Resistance Plastic. Tailgate Tite‘s Stabilizers are all custom made one of a kind.
Made in Oregon, USA American Flag

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